TrAM seminar: World’s first zero-emission high-speed craft // @SMM

How was the world’s first zero emission high speed catamaran realized? In this seminar, we will hear from the enabling partners of the groundbreaking TrAM project. Here, Medstraum – the world’s first zero-emission high-speed passenger vessel was developed through advanced modular production. New manufacturing methods are lowering production and engineering costs. The project is revolutionary both inContinue reading →

Green Shipping: Experiences from EU funded projects

Maritime CleanTech will present at the CINEA Cross-programme feedback workshop on December 8th.  This workshop is an opportunity for sharing knowledge between organisations that are implementing on the ground solutions for green shipping, and EU policy makers. The aim is to collect inputs from the projects on legislative drivers, barriers, and technology gaps to feed-inContinue reading →

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