World´s first zero emission fast ferry has been named

The TrAM demonstrator vessel will sail under the name Medstraum.

The EU funded TrAM project are sailing co current. As construction start is closing in, the name of the world´s first zero emission fast ferry is revealed.

– Medstraum is an all-Norwegian, down to earth name with multiple layers to it. Medstraum means co current. The name stands out compared to common vessel names, just as the vessel will stand out compared to traditional fast ferries, says TrAM Project Manager Mikal Dahle of Kolumbus.

The Stavanger demonstrator will operate a multi-stop commuter route into Stavanger, Norway for public transport company Kolumbus from 2022.

– This boat is powered by electricity, which the name is underlining. In Norwegian “Med” means with, and “straum” means electricity, says Sales Manager at Fjellstrand, Edmund Tolo.

– We believe the vessel name is both bold and ambitious, just as the project. The name has a good amount of propulsion and drive in it. And last but not least, the TrAM project aims to make pathway and create a good co current (Medstraum) for future innovative and sustainable solutions, Dahle says.

The TrAM project has received funding from the European Union´s Horizon 2020 research and innovation program under grant agreement No 769303.